Ambassador Baptist Church had its beginnings in the home of Pastor Lyle and Helen Neufeld. Seeing the need for the teaching of God’s Word in the town of Morden, the Neufelds began ministering to their own family. Soon friends and other believers began attending the small work and it began to grow. At one point they had 65 people in attendance in their garage.

On March 5, 2000 the group began to rent a room at the Recreational Center where they stayed for nine months. At the end of the year 2000, Ambassador Baptist Church began to rent the old Lutheran church building on the corner at 501 Stephen Street and 10th Street.

On March 5th, 2003 an ordination council was held with local pastors and others from outside the province and Pastor Lyle was ordained for full time ministry. After eleven years at the location, the group was able to purchase the old Catholic Church at 685 Stephen Street where they continue until today.

Their first service at the present location was on December 1st in the year 2012. At the anniversary conference in 2015 the mortgage was paid in full and glory was given to God. 

Some of the original and long-time members were Lyle and Helen Neufeld, Raymond and Tena Dell, Harvey Klassen, and Maria Unrau.

In 2019, Terry and Jane Carruthers were called to take the leadership of Ambassador Baptist Church at the Anniversary conference in March of 2020. Their arrival was hindered with the Covid pandemic and their installation service was only able to be held the following July.

Service Schedule

Morning Service at 10:30 am

Evening Service at 7:00 pm